Post Sales

Dramatically Transform Your Real Estate Business Operations Post-Sales using Purplstack Business Performance Management Platform

Broker and Agent Management

Brokers and agents are key partners for a real estate offering. Purplstack allows you an Agent Management module that allows you to manage and track details of agents, right from registrations to payouts. This module also enables you to visualize their performance through reports and dashboards.

  • Register and link brokers

  • Create schemes according to projects

  • Manage brokerage payments based on receipts or slabs

  • Calculate commissions automatically client wise based on schemes

  • View brokers performance through dashboards and reports

  • Gain insights into brokers adjustments

  • View brokerage payouts reports

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Ticket Management

Ensure prompt and seamless resolution of customer issues through the Ticket Management module in Purplstack. Track conversations and fixes as your team works to resolve the customer requests & issues.

  • Generate tickets in real time

  • Assign tickets based on different criteria

  • Manage tickets according to the ticket status

  • Define rules for situations when tickets need to be escalated for prompt action

  • Define auto emails and SMS based on different status

  • Increase accountability and response times within the organization with SLA driven ticket resolution and escalation matrix


Timely agreement execution is critical for sale confirmation and further cashflows. The Agreements Module is your one place to track agreement status, store agreements, manage automated agreement documents and generate reports.

  • Lesser error prone agreement process, eliminate iterations

  • Generate an agreement checklist

  • Create automated agreements-related documents

  • Calculate agreement collections and amount allocation

  • View exception reports on agreements

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The Receivables Module enables you to manage receivables post sales to fulfill the last mile of the real estate business process automation cycle.

  • Receipt wise allocation

  • Automate interest calculation

  • Forecast Collections for a period

  • Calculate receivables automatically based on new demands

  • Calculate collections on new demands

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Gain deeper insights into your campaigns, sales numbers, broker contributions, collections, taxation, and receivables with our powerful Reports module. Customize your reports to view granular details and glean pertinent information faster.

Some of our reports:
  • Ageing Report

  • Taxation Report

  • Milestone Wise Taxation Report

  • Milestone and Component Wise Collection Report

  • Receivable Report

  • Future Receivable Report

  • Component Wise Taxation Report

  • Scheme Wise Taxation Report

  • Cancelled Client Taxation Report

  • Tax Change Report

Collections Management

The Collections module helps you get a 360-degree view on real time collections data and allows you to drill down views based on projects, milestones, and customers.

  • View collection caller allocation based on various criteria

  • Track call history

  • Track forecast Date and amount

  • Forecast collection amount

  • Generate receipt

  • Generate Collection Reports

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