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Purplstack | Real Estate CRM Solution

Best crm for real estate | The real estate market is always changing. Markets vary significantly, and home types evolve and change. However, exchange rates and style shifts haven't been the most dramatic developments for real estate agents and brokers in recent decades. The most significant shift has been in the business model itself. What was once referred to as "hitting the floor" has become a b  Read-More

Purplstack | Real Estate CRM Solution

Construction Scheduling CRM | CRM For Construction Managing Business Relationship With Greater Ease Through Our Purplstack CRM Solution Construction is one such operation that requires precision and error-free execution. You cannot afford to make mistakes because a single blunder could cost you a lot of money. Although manual management and monitoring have flaws, digitising your employees and segm  Read-More

Purplstack | Real Estate CRM Solution

Real estate CRM | CRM software is a collection of programmes, procedures, and technology that businesses use to monitor and evaluate consumer experiences and data over the course of a business relationship. This strengthens the relationship between companies and their customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth. The primary function of a CRM system is to collect info  Read-More

Purplstack | Real Estate CRM Solution

CRM for construction | Within a single framework, purplstack real estate CRM software allows agents to classify, monitor, and manage their customer experiences with current and prospective clients throughout the customer lifecycle.Many of the same features as common purplstack CRM systems Which are available in real estate customer relationship management systems, but with an emphasis on the real  Read-More

Purplstack | Real Estate CRM Solution

Real estate sales automation crm | Automate the sales pipeline to make salespeople's jobs simpler. From prospecting to lead nurturing to closing transactions, our purplstack real estate CRM frees you up to concentrate on the higher-value revenue-generating activities while automating the repetitive tasks. To improve your sales performance, make sense of the numbers. Using a single dashboard, our  Read-More

Purplstack | Real Estate CRM Solution

Best crm for real estate agents | CRM Real Estate provides incredible tools for navigating dynamic real estate management systems. Contractors, channel partners, and brokers are all managed from a single dashboard. The CRM also assists you in developing cutting-edge techniques for tracking any aspect of your marketing strategy, including pre- and post-sales activities. CRM mobile app gives you ins  Read-More

Purplstack | Real Estate CRM Solution

Construction Scheduling CRM | When it comes to construction, if you don't execute your plan well, stuff will practically fall through the cracks! With Purplstack real estate CRM Projects, a robust project management app, you can watch your projects soar to new heights. You're also stuck trying to keep track of and maintain never-ending dependencies. If there is a snag along the way, some other ac  Read-More

Purplstack | Real Estate CRM Solution

Real estate crm for lead qualification | Purplstack real estate CRM allows realtors to keep track of contacts, plan activities, track pipelines, and remain organised when conducting business. CRM is, in this sense, the framework upon which agents build good relationships and close deals. Realtors have access to some of the same CRM features as other businesses:  Scheduling and task management,   Read-More

Purplstack | Real Estate CRM Solution

Best crm for real estate | The real estate industry is, at its heart, about managing relationships between buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, developers, and financial institutions. The length and difficulty of the home-buying process pose a number of specific challenges for real estate. The selling of a property represents a closed contract, but this closure is dependent on a complex mechanism tha  Read-More

Purplstack | Real Estate CRM Solution

Real estate crm for lead qualification | Real estate CRM Purplstack For Real Estate – Lead tracking software is used to track events, capture leads, qualify them, and transfer leads in a more efficient manner. It's a time-saving method that was created specifically to help coordinate work. Property Dealers Lead tracking software is design to handle the deals and customers of building and constru  Read-More

Real Estate CRM Solution

The only platform you would need to manage your entire real estate business performance.

From pre-sales-marketing processes with schemes and offers to post purchase cycles with construction linked payment plans, construction agreements, demand notices and receipts, we have got everything covered for you post sales.

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    Business and Purchase Cycle Automation

    Manage inventory online real time with automated pricing structures, payment schedules, online discount approvals, etc

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    Pre-Sales and Marketing Operations

    Ensure better lead to sale conversion, lower cost per lead & cost per sale and enable faster sales closures.

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    Cash Flow Planning & Financial Operation

    Plan your cash flow management better with real time receivables data, ageing data drilled down at the project level.

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    Customer Relationship Management

    Improve customer experience via automated onboarding, communications, surveys on products and services.

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Supercharge your Pre-Sales and Marketing RoI

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    Indepth Lead Management Features

    Ensure no leads go unattended. Significantly improve marketing effectiveness through the robust lead capture and lead follow-up modules.

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    Track Real-time Marketing Effectiveness

    360 degree marketing automation with seamless integration with call, sms and email marketing frameworks to measure marketing effectiveness.

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    Real-time Data Analytics and Dashboard

    Exhaustive, real-time and insightful reports and dashboard allow analysis of marketing, sales, inventory and customer metrics.

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    Automated real-time controls on pricing

    Enables quicker turnaround of prospects and brings faster closure in sales. Access your quotation, pricing details, tax details and discount information online real-time without diluting requisite approvals.

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Dramatically Transform Your Real Estate Business Operations Post-Sales

Significantly improve collection efficiency and business performance post sales. Over 10+ modules allows you to manage everything post sales to fulfill the last mile of the real estate business process automation cycle.

  • Inbuilt taxation modules

  • Intuitive Broker management

  • Automate receivables and demand notices

  • Advanced Payment milestone & collection modules

  • Realtime business performance analytics & dashboard

  • Manage agreements with inbuilt documentation solution

  • World class customer service management

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Features tailor-made for Real Estate Enterprises

Purplstack comes with over 30+ modules for automating the entire workflow of business processes automation associated with pre-sales, sales and post-sales. Better turnaround times, structured processes, integrated dashboards and real-time data analytics makes this solution an ideal partner for improving your business productivity and ROI.

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